Awesome High Tech Hiking Gear Accessories

3 Awesome High Tech Hiking Gear Accessories

Hiking is all about connecting with outdoors for most people. Well we aren’t most people. We love tech and all the new geeky gadgets that come out that probably don’t make our hiking experience any different but hey we sure do look cool! That being said some recent high tech hiking gear accessories really do make the hiking experience more enjoyable. Whether making trails easier to pass or keeping you safe from falls and mischievous wildlife. Here our 5 awesome high tech hiking gear accessories to check out before your next hike:

Tech-P Survival Gear Paracord Bracelet Compass Fire Starter Scraper Whistle Gear Kits- 2 Pack

Paracord bracelets caught on a few years ago as a great way to carry paracord with you in case of emergency. The uses of the cord really impressive and countless. If you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no food you can use the cord for trapping. While paracords may not be very high tech this bracelet really is with features that include a fire starter, whistle and even a compass. This bracelet will not only be a fashion piece but also can be a lifesaver in the wild or on a hike.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraws were first sold in 2005 with the purpose of making water sources around the world clean enough to drink. The lack of access to clean drinking water really made this high tech water filter a necessity in developing countries. Not only do developing countries depend on LifeStraws for clean drinking water, experienced hikers have found them to an extremely useful tool in case of emergency in the outdoors. They have been tested to remove over 99.99% of contaminants from water. We find them useful when hiking in areas where you know there is running water so you do not have to worry as much about the contaminants but also get to travel lighter without having to bring a larger water container as you can fill up along the way.

Innoo Tech Solar Charger 5000mAh,Solar Power Bank Dual USB Port Portable Charger

Staying connected when outdoors might seem to defeat the purpose of being outdoors. However, staying in touch can be a real lifesaver as severe weather may be approaching and when under the cover of trees you may not notice the incoming clouds. Or you just might want to catch the latest score for the big game? Either way this solar power bank dual USB port portable charger will keep your phones charged up with an impressive 500mAh power source. The device wraps around your phone like a normal case but uses power from the sun to charge the phone. Pretty neat right!

While staying connected might not be your ultimate goal when heading outdoors these three high tech hiking gear accessories will keep you safe and make you look like a high tech hiker.

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