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4 Camping Hacks for Your Next Hiking Adventure

If you love getting outdoors and hiking then you know that planning out your trip and what you need to bring is key to have an enjoyable but more importantly safe adventure. Camping hacks will save you many headaches from common issues that you will most likely face during activities such as making shelters, cooking etc, with a little bit of ingenuity. Even when you are stuck in a place away from where the common facilities are easily available, you can use these hacks to make camping effective and pleasurable for you.

Get a waterproof backpack

At times, it can be quite messy to hike. With a full waterproof backpack, you can keep all your belongings safe and in good shape. You may make use of a plastic bag for lining the interior of your backpack and ensure that all the items remain dry, even if you fall into a river or encounter torrential rain with no shelters nearby.

Use sage leaf as mosquito repellent

The sage leaf is a must-have in a hiker’s bag. You can bundle up a few sage leaves around a stick and use it as a torch to repel mosquitoes. Just light them up and it will burn slowly to emit a green gas that will repel mosquitoes. However, you should not keep it next to anything that may catch fire easily, such as tents or furniture items. Sage leaf can be more effective for driving mosquitoes away than allethrin coils or mats.

Make a makeshift charcoal grill

You can lug around a charcoal grill, but it will only add to the weight of your backpack. However, with some coals and an empty tin, you can get all that you would need. Place vertical slits down the empty can. Bend the pieces to make them face outwards, to form the grill base. If you need, you may use tin foil to cover the can – which is optional – and then fill it up with charcoal.  You can just place a grill, a pan or some other metal over the coals and cook yourself a dish.

Make your own coffee bags

You don’t have to go without your morning cup of coffee because you don’t want to carry a heavy coffee maker. You can just wrap some coffee grounds in a filter, and then use a rubber band to tie it off. This will make you a small coffee bag, similar to a tea bag – and you will not have to lug that large coffee pot around! However, if you want to have a very strong brew, make sure that the bags are left inside the cup for longer.

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