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Daypacking Checklist (What to bring on a hiking trip)

Daypacking is a great outdoor activity, but there are plenty of physical challenges involved. Packing well is one of the first things to do if you wish to make your trip enjoyable. You should keep your load light by taking only the most necessary items along, and ensuring you have all the basics covered. Here is a checklist of items that you need to take along on a hiking trip:

Get a tent

Look for a two person tent, and do not buy a bigger one. Ensure that the tent has a ground cloth and a rain fly. Take along a ground cushion and a sleeping bag, to keep yourself warm and insulated from the cold ground. You can substitute a pillow with a small sack stuffed with spare clothing during the night.

Take along multi use cookware

A pot is necessary to heat up water or coffee. You can purchase an aluminum or a titanium pot comprising of a non-stick Teflon surface. Ensure that they come with handles, preferably with plastic, so that your hands do not get burned. Make sure that the pot is big enough so that you can even cook in the single pot.

Take water purification tablets

Check the map and find out how far apart you can expect water sources. You should then determine the amount of water that is necessary between these points. On a cool day, you can do with about 64 oz. In arid areas, you might need 200 oz of water. You mark on your map where to find water at the campsite or in lakes, streams or other natural sources. You should take water purification tablets to purify water, and make it fit for drinking. The last thing you would want is to jeopardize your health during a daypacking trip.

Proper socks

Purchase synthetic or heavy wool socks to wear along with your hiking boots. You can consider wearing sock liners to avoid most cases of blisters. It can absorb moisture and offer some amount of insulation as well. CoolMax, Thermax, olefin, polypropylene and Polar fleece are some of the best materials to wear outdoors.

Hiking boots

Buy tough hiking boots which are designed to provide enough support to your ankle and feet, and keep them protected at all times. Remember to wear them multiple times before the trip to help break them in. Otherwise, you can end up with blisters and sores on your feet.

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