hiking in indiana

Hiking in Indiana?

One of the most common strange glares I get when talking about hiking or even the outdoors is when I mention hiking in Indiana. Saying that your favorite place to hike is the Midwestern state of Indiana is usually greeted with a stunned look.  

The Midwest is usually known as being dead flat with not much more than a few handful of cities, more cows than people and corn fields for days. While this might be true for some parts, even some parts of Indiana, Southern Indiana is a hiker’s paradise.  

Here are two great hiking towns to check out if you ever make it to the Hoosier state:

Nashville, Indiana

Located along the ridges of Southern Indiana this small town is full of artists, galleries, great restaurants and many quality hiking spots. The crown jewel of Nashville is Brown County State Park. The main trail leads you through some serious elevation changes and around a perfectly still idyllic lake. When you are done be sure to check out the downtown area and a local favorite Big Woods Brewery.

Bloomington, Indiana

My former hometown and home of Indiana University is a small liberal town in a very conservative state overall. IU Bloomington is consistently ranked as one of the prettiest campuses in the country. The beauty of the city also extends itself to the hiking trails that abound throughout the city.

The main hiking spot in town is Griffy Lake. The trail starts with a major jaunt up a ridge that you then follow for most the trail. Upon completion be sure to visit the downtown area and my personal favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Owlery. Order some poutine with a $1 PBR to wash it back.

Next time you are in the Midwest be sure to check out these two great towns. Not only for their hiking spots but for some great dining options and small town charms.

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