25 Kids Large Rock Climbing Holds

High quality realistic rock climbing holds.
Designed for secure climbing.
Made from recycled materials.

25 Climbing Holds with Hardware Perfect for your kid’s room, or a professional gym! These climbing holds are ideal for that DIY project, or a for your complex climbing course at home! Please note these are the BOLT ON variety. They are meant for plywood. They don’t seem to be meant for 2×4’s or 2×6’s, they’re going to slip on that type of wood. For those projects please refer to our “Screw On” climbing holds. Please Read Description . Holds are range from the size of a golf ball to the size of a baseball. Holds come in over 200 different unique shapes. Use with 3/4″ plywood. Holds come with 2″ bolts, 3/8″ T Nuts. Bolts do have a button head that is another 1/2 inch, to avoid damage to your wall we recommend furring your plywood from the walls. Drill a 7/16th hole in diameter when installing the holds. Please do not hammer the T Nuts We make our climbing holds from recycled materials. We keep plastics out of land fills! What are they made of? Recycled materials including polyurethane, Vinyl Ester, Polyester, Plastics, Epoxy, Vegetable oil and other organic materials. Our materials are non-toxic. We make them in the United States, they are shipped from our shop directly to you. The materials that we use may create a smell with the holds. To eliminate the smell please soak in warm water. These holds are NONTOXIC. Our holds are very strong and will get up to any climate, hot or cold. If you want anything at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here that will help you with anything you may need Email us on Amazon or call Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear (208) 704-0291 We Use USPS Only These holds come with a lifetime guarantee. Return policy is 60 day $5 restock fee applied. Rocky Mountain Gear is a trademarked company. If you want to resell our products please contact us first, please do not re use our images or text.
Prime quality realistic rock climbing holds.
Designed for safe climbing.
Made from recycled materials.


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