4 Quart Per Day Non-electric Prime Water Purifier

100% Stainless Steel.
No filters ever required!

Product Specs: 8 inches Diameter x 8 inches High Shipping Weight is 7.5 lb/3.4 kg. Image above depicts distiller containment with double bottomed stainless-steel purified water collection bowl displayed alongside. Our 4 quart Universal Purifiers can be utilized to distill/purify/decontaminate/desalinate water out of your gas or electric kitchen range, your hot plate, your outside grill, or your campfire. You’ll be able to distill and purify water from any source including pond, river, pool, swamp, stagnant rainwater, tap water, and desalinate/purify seawater, and so on. May give as much as 4 quarts (4.2 liters) of distilled/purified/desalinated/decontaminated water day-to-day. Purify/decontaminate/defluoridate your tap water. No filters ever required! No Plumbing! All water handling components are one hundred% high grade stainless-steel.
one hundred% Stainless Steel.
No filters ever required!
Clear, Simple, Instruction Video.


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