adidas outdoor Men’s Hiking Reachout Pullover

Chest pocket to store your valuables
Polar fleece 200- highest warmth per weight ratio for insulating materials while remaining highly weather resistant, durable and soft to the touch.
Flat lock seams for optimized comfort

That is the garment in order to at all times be stored local for the reason that 200 weight Polar fleece is a promise of heat. The fast-zippered Mountaineering Reachout Pullover consists of shades in a chest pocket and seals out drafts with a draw twine on the waist.
Chest pocket to retailer your valuables
Polar fleece two hundred- best heat according to weight ratio for insulating fabrics even as ultimate extremely climate resistant, sturdy and comfortable to touch.
Flat lock seams for optimized convenience
Adjustable waist with draw cords


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