Aire Lynx I Inflatable Kayak

Claimed Weight: 32 lb
Maximum Load: 350 lb
Air Chambers: 3

One and done is your motto. That is why you might have filled your river quiver with the singular, incomparable Aire Lynx I Inflatable Kayak. This fine-lookin’ cat is anything but fickle, as it is deliberately designed for a wealth of water conditions. Engineered for stability, the Lynx moves with feline finesse through tight and tricky class III sections in addition to purring across tranquil lakes. Whether you are a novice paddler or seasoned river rat, the Lynx allows you to experience being at the water. The fundamentals of this boat are two PVC tubes full of three AireCell air chambers on each and every side. PVC weathers the wear and tear and tear of high volume rapids or low-glide rock runs. Air inside assists in keeping the boat (and you) floating merrily along. The mix of strong fabric and rigid rails makes this craft a pleasure to influence, as it responds to each and every stroke of your paddle. The Leafield B7 valves only let air glide a method and flipping in the midst of a raging river still would possibly not cause these super-sealers to leak. The Cheetah Chair supports your back so you do not sag after a full day of powering through whitewater. A big rear storage pocket and water bottle holder puts essentials well within arm’s succeed in whilst leaving you feet clutter-free. The seat unsnaps so you have got a easy place to rest your water-weary bones when on shore. Cargo loops abound to provide your gear a protected ride, and two sets of drain holes mean you can bail this boat within the blink of an eye.
Claimed Weight: 32 lb
Maximum Load: 350 lb
Air Chambers: 3
Tube Diameter: 11 in
Rocker: 15 in













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