Aire Lynx II Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Claimed Weight: 43 lb
Maximum Load: 475 lb
Air Chambers: 3

Classic twosomes cowboys and horses, macaroni and cheese, and you and your BFF-paddling pal within the Aire Lynx II Tandem Inflatable Kayak. This air-filled feline allows you to to find your happy spot on rowdy rapids or serenely still lakes. You’ll be able to share the paddling pleasure with somebody or rig the boat for a purely personal paddle. Whether you might be tackling your favorite crick throughout run-off or occurring a 10-day journey, this sporty cat rides the tops of the waves and slips through spots where other boats struggle. Two rugged PVC tubes create the body of the boat. Three AireCell air chambers on every side provide this boat with flow for above-water enjoyment. The mix of buoyancy with resiliency gives the Lynx a cattitude at the water for a responsive and sporty ride. Beginners and salty old dogs alike will to find it easy to have fun on this forgiving boat. Even supposing you prefer low-water, rock-grinding runs, neither you nor the boat may have the tell-tale signs of literally dragging ass. Two Cheetah seats provide you with and your family member a cushy place to rest your rear. The seats have a stiff back so you do not sag from exhaustion after a day of powering through class III water. A big pocket and water bottle holder at the back of your back helps to keep the world in front of your feet free and clear. United states the seat and take it to the campsite for an all-around agreeable seat at the beach. A whopping 17 cargo loops make it simple to safe all travel essentials, no longer least of which is the post-paddle six-pack. Three sets of drain holes make bailing this boat more uncomplicated than draining that six-pack, and two carry handles means you might be most effective carrying 21. 5 pounds as an alternative of the whole 43 pounds that this big cat weighs.
Claimed Weight: 43 lb
Maximum Load: 475 lb
Air Chambers: 3
Tube Diameter: 11.5 in
Rocker: 15 in













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