Aire Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak

Claimed Weight: 32 lb
Maximum Load: 350 lb
Air Chambers: 3

Whether you are rafting down the Grand Canyon or running a relatively mellow river, the Aire Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak is the only-man machine for you. Large tubes and a low seating position means you’ve gotten the prospective to be super-stable within the water. Results in the air and a relatively flat bottom provide you with on-water flexibility that permits you to ride rapids and speed around the flats. Even though your 80-pound yellow lab manages to hop on board on the last minute, you and Senor Pooch-face may not wobble with each and every tag wail for a fabulous day of paddling. Created from PVC with fully welded seams, the body of this boat may not be battered and bruised in case you’ve chosen to brave some burly whitewater. The inner AireCell system helps to keep this boat floating. By combining buoyancy and PVC, the Outfitter is a stiff and responsive ride for fun from put-in to take out. Leafield B7 valves go a technique and include protective caps so you do not spring a leak in the course of long whitewater run. The Cheetah Chair is about low within the boat and supports your back for all-day paddling comfort. A big storage pocket and water bottle holder make the back of the chair almost as fabulous because the front. Unlock your Cheetah from the boat for a soft seat on-shore. Twelve cargo loops allow you to take with ample gear for no matter what water-bound adventure you’ve gotten planned. Two carry handles provide the chance to flirt with the hottie on the put-in, and two sets of drain holes jettison excess water faster than you “get rid” of additional beer.
Claimed Weight: 32 lb
Maximum Load: 350 lb
Air Chambers: 3
Tube Diameter: 11 in
Rocker: 15 in










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