Aire Outfitter II Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Claimed Weight: 46 lb
Maximum Load: 525 lb
Air Chambers: 3

One is fun and two is a rise up. Within the AIRE Outfitter II Tandem Inflatable Kayak, you and a paddling pal can bounce along some middling rapids without worrying about unintended dips Within the drink. The wide hull in this rugged rapid-ripper assists in keeping you riding high above the water while you see more white spray than smooth and cool blue (water, that may be). Elevated tips and a flat bottom allow you to spin and slip through tight squeezes. If you are going it on my own on a two-week Alaska expedition, this stable waterbaby handles a variety of your gear and photo equipment so you’ll be able to be in a position for those who get graced with the Northern Lighting fixtures. PVC at the outdoor is rough, tough, and in a position to rumble on class II and III fun. The massive tube diameter, continually curved from end to finish, and low seat position work in combination to restrict your accidental adventures overboard. The inner AIREcell system is what buoys this boat. Between the glide and PVC, you get a stiff, responsive boat for fun at the flats or foam. One-way marine Leafield B7 valves come with protective caps so you should not have to fret about springing a leak mid-river. Two Cheetah Chairs are set low Within the boat so your center of gravity stays near the water surface for increased stability. The chairs each and every have a big storage pocket and a bottle holder, and they may be able to be got rid of to cushion your tush if you find yourself having lunch on a rocky bit of shoreline. Two carry handles make it easy for you and your boating buddy to tote this 46-pound pleasure craft. Sixteen cargo loops allow you to hit the water fully equipped for absolutely anything.
Claimed Weight: 46 lb
Maximum Load: 525 lb
Air Chambers: 3
Tube Diameter: 12.5 in
Rocker: 18.5 in













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