Aire Sabertooth 12 Cataraft

Claimed Weight: 80 lb
Thwarts: 0
Air Chambers: 4

Whether you might be heading to Mosier Falls, Oregon, or the Cheoah River in North Carolina, the most productive river rafting takes place whilst you’ve your first mate aboard. The frameless Aire Sabertooth 12 Cataraft is spunky enough for rigorous rapids but knows find out how to relax whilst you and your main squeeze need to hit the water for a mild weekend of floating and fine dining at the water. Even though your BFF prefers rawhide bones and couches to gourmet crackers and blended scotch, throw Monseir Poochness into the middle of the boat and experience a perfect day at the water. Designed for two-person whitewater rafting, the Sabertooth is a blend between inflatable raft and rugged catamaran. Two massive tubes, every full of two urethane AIREcells, keep you atop the water. The PVC mesh floor connects the 2 tubes to create a boat built for you and a paddling pal. The mesh floor simplest goes a meager 11. 5 inches deep so you want now not worry about an excessive amount of drag slowing you down. Welded construction removes seams and sources of weakness to come up with paddling pleasure for years on end. Both ends of the boat stand up a wicked 29 inches to crawl over rocks and holes and fight back when the rapids get rowdy. A removable foam knee pad protects your patella if you want to straddle the thwart (versus sitting side-saddle). Built-in floor foot cups don’t seem to be in case your tootsies get thirsty, but fairly give you the means during which you get a touch more stability. Six D-rings at the outdoor of the tubes can help you cool your brews when easy-going floating is the order du jour. Or you’ll be able to attach a rescue bag, too. Four D-ring handles at the inner aspect of the tubes making two-person boat-toting a reasonable endeavor.
Claimed Weight: 80 lb
Thwarts: 0
Air Chambers: 4
Tube Diameter: 20.5 in
Length: [external] 154 in, [internal] 52.5 in















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