Bataleon Whitegold North Snowboard

Very Light core
V-Core Profile
Cabon Enhanced

For heading into the cold, deep and steep of northern lands handiest the perfect snow sword will do. Bataleon crafted the North with their best possible-finish fabrics and chiseled right into a directional 3BT form. It bears fine German steel edges to slice thru any snow condition and their Swiss wooden Very Gentle core for the maximum potential to weight ratio. There is more underneath its cloak regardless that, it has two carbon strips operating lengthwise close to the rails for actual facet bite, energy and potent pop. and Portuguese cork slabs atop the core to easy out prime speed vibration. In addition they put a 23mm wide sealed Bamboo stringer down the middle so you’ll create a DIY splitboard with out damagin the core. IT’s finished off with reactive bamboo sidewalls and a perfect difficult sintered base to excel within the cold climes and terrain of your adventure.
Very Gentle core
V-Core Profile
Cabon Enhanced
Cork Stringers
Sintered Base










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