Big South Fork Nat River #241

This Trails Illustrated topographic map for Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee is the very best map for mountain climbing, biking, exploring, mountain climbing, camping, and sightseeing on this stunning area. The map includes Daniel Boone National Forest, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Scott State Forest, Cumberland River, Little South Fork, Big South Fork, and Clear Fork, New River, Lake Cumberland, Yahoo Falls Scenic Area, Blue Heron Area, Bandy Creek Campground, Leatherwood Ford, Honey Creek, Burnt Mill Bridge, Alum Ford, John Muir Trail, Bear Creek Forget, and a lot more. Includes UTM grids to be used along with your GPS unit. Approximately 4.25″ x 9.25″ folded; 26″ x 38″ fully opened Scale = 1:forty five,000 and 1:22,500 Map revised – 2007 / Writer: National Geographic Maps


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