Biovax Nutriquick Conditioner Weak Prone to Falling Out Hair 200ml Good Care Hair

Description: NUTRITION PHASE Hair to orderly functioning, need the right nutrients supplied in the correct proportions. Hair nutrition must be supporting by the constant external supplementation. A careful analysis of the structure and physiology of the hair helped to develop the pyramid of NutriQuick – a balanced diet for hair containing a comprehensive set of vitamins and minerals, lipids, protein and sugars, necessary for the correct nourishment of hair, to care for their health and well-being. CARE PHASE The biotin contained in Care Phase, called “vitamin of beauty”, this is a key component in maintaining healthy, strong hair. Biotin assists with the production of keratin responsible for the resistance, strength and the power the fibers. It strengthens weak and brittle hair and protects them against excessive loss. This prevents split ends. Delivered ceaselessly will fully bring out the beauty, charm and sensuality of your weak and prone to hair loss. Indications: The new conditioner BIOVAX NutriQuick created on account of intensive laboratory work, whose aim was once to succeed in the unique synergy of two key actions for the condition of the hair: Nutrition and Care, enclosed in a two-phase formula. Nutrient components are mixed just before application to the hair, which preserves the integrity of the active ingredients. Thanks to the lightweight formula does not burden hair. Directions to be used: Shake the bottle intensely until the thorough mixing of both phases. Then spray conditioner evenly on washed, damp or dry hair. Do not rinse.














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