Dagger Katana 10.4 Kayak – 2015

Claimed Weight: 56 lbs
Length: 10 ft 4 in
Recommended Use: up to class III whitewater, flatwater

Hit the river at peak runoff for an extended weekend of crushing rapids, set out for a pre-morning time cruise around the lake to the egret’s haunt, or strap the Dagger Katana 10. 4 Kayak to the roof of your car, load your mountain motorcycle at the rack, and get in a position for a two-week multi-sport adventure. With durable rotomolded plastic making up the hull of this crossover beast, you never have to fret about Whether or not or now not your boat goes to live to tell the tale that next river phase. A molded seat with adjustable thigh braces, hip pads, foot braces, and a ratchet-adjustable back band ensures that now not handiest are you able to paddle with stability, you can stay within the saddle for an extended day with out being concerned about your aching muscles the following morning. Whether or not in flat water or slow-moving rivers, you can appreciate how simple it’s to trace a straight line with the Tru Trak adjustable skeg system. Large water and rocks ahead’ Pull up the skeg to let your boat move freely and to stay it from being damaged.
Claimed Weight: 56 lbs
Length: 10 ft 4 in
Advisable Use: as much as elegance III whitewater, flatwater
Width: 27.25 in
Hull Subject material: rotomolded plastic












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