Dagger Mamba 8.6 Creeker Kayak

Claimed Weight: 51 lb
Maximum Load: 260 lb
Volume: 89 gal

The Dagger Mamba Creeker 8. 6 Kayak will take you from rolling in the highschool pool to charging via unending drops on one of the vital biggest class v rapids. This larger-sized kayak is designed with bigger paddlers in mind but maintains all of the performance of its more reasonably sized cousins. Built with the similar profile and design elements as its fraternal twin, the Dagger Mamba 8. 6, the Creeker best differs within the outfitting. The change in set-up throws in slightly more structural integrity if you are bearing in mind prime-risk rapids, all even as saving weight. Linear polyethylene is roto-molded to come up with a planing hull with sharp edge transitions and a rockered, peak-deck bow. Learning would possibly not leave lasting scars and hunting rapids will leave you with an enormous grin in your face. Room within the rear allows you to stow gear if your plans are river-bound for a number of days. Added volume within the cockpit puts your legs in front of you, making your assertive paddling efficient and effective. Charging hard across vicious chops towards roaring falls is nice and simple with this Creeker. Both the Creeker Mamba and the Mamba feature Contour Ergo Outfitting, including the reinforced bulkhead footbrace system. Alternatively, the Creeker seat and step-out pillar are what distinguish the Creeker. Because of roto-molded, tank style construction, the Creeker seat is stiffer and harder than the seat found within the Mamba. A step-out pillar makes escaping tight situations more uncomplicated and adds to the total stability of the boat if underneath-water boulders attempt to crunch your bow.
Claimed Weight: 51 lb
Maximum Load: 260 lb
Volume: 89 gal
Length: 8 ft 6 in
Really helpful Use: whitewater kayaking












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