Dagger Mamba Creeker 7.6 Kayak

Claimed Weight: 44 lb
Maximum Load: 170 lb
Volume: 64 gal

The Dagger Mamba Creeker 7. 6 Kayak is the water-bound version of a top-performance sports car. You’ll paddle this boat like a grandma in a canoe, or You’ll cross currents and carve through eddy lines like a hot knife through butter. Dagger took the versatile Mamba and outfitted it with the Creeker seat to come up with a forgiving boat that charges hard through rapids, boofs with the most efficient of ’em, and may not get trapped by grabby eddy lines. The Creeker seat differs from the seat within the simple ol’ Mamba in a couple of areas. Rotomolded, the Creeker seat is stiffer, making escapes more uncomplicated. The step-out wall is stiffer too, so shoulder schlepping is modest, and stepping onto dry land does not leave you floundering like a fish out of water. An added storage tray does more than hold stuff; it enhances the hull structure, giving the boat a whiff more stability and rigidity. Differently, this boat is the whole lot you’ve got come to like from the Mamba. The planing hull makes learning a breeze and ripping Class V whites downright gleeful. The bountiful bow volume and peak deck punch holes and deflect small chop so the boat stays up, bobbing the water’s surface. Junk within the trunk takes a relatively different shape if you end up stowing gear within the stern but the idea that is still the similar. Along with cupboard space, stern volume forgives such a lot of your mistakes and is helping the Mamba ride top to keep away from boils. Stable yet sassy, the Mamba may not get flippant with beginners even as giving expert paddlers the entire play they are able to deal with.
Claimed Weight: 44 lb
Maximum Load: 170 lb
Volume: 64 gal
Length: 7 ft 7 in
Really helpful Use: whitewater kayaking














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