Grivel X-Monster Ice Tool

Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime
Recommended Use: ice/mixed climbing
Claimed Weight: 1 lb 8.5 oz

The up to date incarnation of the Grivel X-Monster Ice Tool sports a more ice-specific design than its mix-minded predecessors. In contrast to the unique Monster, the X-Monster is designed primarily for ice mountaineering. More than one maintain positions allow easy swinging, matching, and hooking on ice. The re-worked shaft is quite straighter, making it better fitted to vertical walls. A hole within the shaft gives alpinists the choice of mountaineering with a leash, and the more flexible shaft makes anchoring into cracks both easier and safer.
Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime
Really helpful Use: ice/mixed mountaineering
Claimed Weight: 1 lb 8.5 oz
Rating: CE-PPE2
Length: 47 cm


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