Moja Gear Classic Rock Climbing Chalk Bag (Various Colors)

Ideal size for both men and women
Interior fleece lining
Handmade in California, USA

A chalk bag isn’t just a bag of chalk … It’s both a salvation for your sweaty hands and a sack of life that feeds you with climbing stoke when you want it most. Like a sweet, sweet jug at the top of a scary runout, we as climbers relish in these psych-instilling sacks-a treasured piece of gear that if left in the back of leaves us as sad and bare as a slumped over Joshua Tree in the course of the damn desert. At Moja, we do not like sad trees. So we crafted the Moja Gear Chalk Bag-a bag reeling with so much stoke and life that it might stimulate frequent releases of Adam Ondra-like howls as you climb. But these bags don’t just inspire super-human psych and abilities- they are also 100% locally handmade in California by a crew of passionate climbers. Featuring a canvas top and fleece-lined interior, these one-of-a-kind bags will make you’re feeling as in case you are dipping your climber paws into a bath of butter each and every time. And this bag isn’t just rad-looking and feeling-the Moja Gear Chalk Bag also has double-stitched UV-resistant belt loops, a brush holder, and paracord drawstrings, so you don’t have to replace this bad boy anytime soon. Plus-to relinquish some of your I-haven’t-showered-in-days stank, this bag comes with a pleasant scent of organic lavender oil-and of course, a healthy dose of Moja Magic, too. Specs: 6″ tall x 4.5″ diameter; belt sold one at a time!
Ideal size for both women and men
Interior fleece lining
Handmade in California, USA
Might work as a beer koozie, too
6″ tall x 4.5″ diameter


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