NRS Clearwater Drifter

Claimed Weight: [with frame] 330 lb, [hull only] 135 lb
Maximum Load: 1000 lb
Air Chambers: 3

The NRS Clearwater Drifter combines the time-tested design of go with the flow boats with the rugged utility of a self-bailing raft to provide the absolute best performance and convenience for fishing in rivers. The inflatable, self-bailing hull handles rocks and shallow water like a raft, however it still tracks fish like a stealthy go with the flow boat. A high rocker within the bow and stern shorten the waterline that will help you track fish, anchor the boat, and ride over waves. Its three-chamber design ensures right kind flotation even supposing one chamber deflates. NRS built the 17-foot Clearwater Drifter out of tough drop-stitch PVC subject matter that may inflate to a rigid 9 psi, and You’ll be able to inflate the ground as much as 15 psi if you end up nearing the thousand-pound limit over rougher waters. You’ll be able to also disassemble the modular frame and roll up the deflated hull to suit all the boat within the trunks of so much cars for easy transport and compact storage. For fishing, NRS equipped the Clearwater Drifter with two casting stations within the bow and stern. These stations include swiveling angler seats, diamond plate decks for handling catches, and thigh hooks with stripping baskets on your convenience. For the oarsmen, NRS added a highback padded raft seat with an adjustable foot bar for all-day comfort. An integrated pulley system allows the oarsmen to release the anchor from the center of the boat. If oars are not your style, the rigid transom on the stern incorporates a small outboard motor. The Clearwater Drifter also features heavy-duty dub rails over the gunwales to make sure very good longevity, and the chrome steel D-rings come up with great tie-off points so that you can winch the boat onto a trailer. The Drifter also comes with a repair kit, a protective wrap, and a high-pressure pump to get you able for any river fishing go back and forth coming your way.
Claimed Weight: [with frame] 330 lb, [hull only] 135 lb
Maximum Load: 1000 lb
Air Chambers: 3
Rolled Size: 49 x 26 x 16 in
Length: [center line] 17 ft, [gunwale] 18 ft













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