Octane LR 70 oz Hydration Pack

The Octane LR from Camelbak is designed for athletes who love to kick it into prime tools and keep there for miles. Produced from ultra-gentle fabrics, the Octane assists in keeping you hydrated whilst adding minimal weight so you aren’t getting bogged down. And the lumbar reservoir design assists in keeping you great and solid all the way through your run. PRODUCT FEATURES: Ultra-gentle fabrics Exterior fill Overlapping organizer pockets Back and front reflectivity Fast stash overflow garage Protection whistle Liquid capability: 70 oz. Shipment quantity: 335 cubic inches % weight: 14.1 oz. 62093 , camelbak Octane LR 70 ozHydration % , camelback Octane LR 70 ozHydration % , camel back Octane LR 70 ozHydration % , camelbak octane hydration % , camelback octane hydration % , camelbak hydration % , camelbak hydration % octane , water packs , hydration packs , refillabe packs , water backpacks , water back packs , climbing packs , packs for climbing , packs for hiking , drinkable packs , trip packs , cycling packs , hydration programs , water programs










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