Old Town Predator 13 Kayak

Claimed Weight: 86 lb
Maximum Load: 425 lb
Seat: Element Seating System

There is a new predator within the water, a 13ft fish-slaying beast that may’t and would possibly not be tipped. Luckily, you are on its back and harnessing the fishing power therein. The Old The city Predator 13 Kayak is rock-steady and is like standing on the deck of a bass boat, and has tons of organizational features, to boot. The Predator 13 Kayak is a veritable fishing machine, engineered to satisfy the desires of avid anglers and weekend warriors alike. There is a boat-load (OK, pun intended) of customized features within the 13. The shell is constructed from LT900 polyethylene, which delivers implausible durability and strength, at the same time as the Tri-Hull design offers superior stability and tracking. Tie into the the stand-up fishing straps to assist with balance while you hook a monster. If you find yourself moving around (either fishing or snagging a brewski from the cooler), you can stay upright way to the slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck. Will have to some H2O get into the kayak, eight scupper holes drain it away, and every include the Predator’s patented one-way Scupper Valves. The Predator 13 differs from the MX version in two ways. It is longer and narrower, making it better fpr larger, more still bodies of water. and it features the Humminbird transducer scupper, which used to be designed to fortify the recent Side Imaging transducer technology, and a center console with mod pod cover, so You’ll be able to mount, arrange, and customize your gear much more. Getting organized is a dream within the Predator with six removable, strategically-placed high-strength mounts. You’ll be able to customize where you put your rod holders, fish finders, slide tracks, or GPS. The Predator also comes loaded with retainer bungees, dual-tip holders on the bow for simple storage storing easy, and side-mounted retainers for convenient snatch-and-cast. Throw the ones monsters you are catching all day within the large capacity Exo-Ridge tank well, which is designed to keep your entire gear, from the cooler, battery for trolling motor, or tackle boxes, dry and organ…
Claimed Weight: 86 lb
Maximum Load: 425 lb
Seat: Element Seating System
Length: 13 ft 2 in
Bow Hatch Dimensions: 16.5 x 10.5 in












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