Pyranha Nano Kayak

Claimed Weight: [medium] 43 lb 3 oz, [large] 46 lb
Maximum Load: [medium] 176 lb, [large] 242 lb
Volume: [medium] 66 gal, [large] 80 gal

Firmly planted in Pyranha’s line of river running boats, the Nano Kayak makes it simple to play within the creek and feel assured within the river. Short for its category, the Nano takes on a more playful nature than the Burn or the Shiva. The hull includes a semi-flat bottom to make spins and surfing simple, at the same time as full-Duration rails interact with lightening speed when you want to snap into a good eddy. Taking a page from the design of the freestyle-particular Jed, the Nano maneuvers on a dime and softens boof landings way to the progressive bow-to-stern rocker. And for paddlers preferring to lean back on massive options, the strict gives ample volume to stay your riding prime when the river tries to suck you in. Experienced boaters will enjoy the truth that this boat is not just amusing and speedy however simple to portage, at the same time as aspiring creekers will in finding confidence within the stability and predictability of this flexible ride.
Claimed Weight: [medium] 43 lb 3 ounces, [large] 46 lb
Most Load: [medium] 176 lb, [large] 242 lb
Volume: [medium] 66 gal, [large] 80 gal
Duration: [medium] 7 ft 2 in, [large] 7 ft 4 in
Really helpful Use: river running, creek boating












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