Space Hooded Blanket

The Original Space Brand Hooded All-Weather Blanket is a combination Blanket/Poncho for outside use. Utilizing the proven thermal and weather resistant benefits of our All-Weather Blanket, this product comprises a full hood and hand covering pockets for ease of use in inclement weather conditions. Easy to Clean Full Binding Lightweight Waterproof Windproof Compact Durable Grommets Flexible to -20 degrees The Hooded All-Weather Blanket measures 5′ x 7′ including the hood. The two upper corners have fitted inserts to your hands, even with gloves, allowing you to snatch and draw the All-Weather Blanket inward toward your body. The securely anchored reflective hood deters heat loss from the top of the head, and is wide enough to accomodate a hat. Take a seat or squat to pay attention the core body heat, draw the blanket in close and move steadily to give a boost to circulation. Also useful as an effective measure to lend a hand prevent post-trauma shock after an coincidence or disaster. Silver on reverse side.











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