Sunburst Hair Nourishing Liquid 6*50ml Hair Growth Products Anti Hair Loss Shipping Fast

Sunburst Hair Nourishing Liquid 6*50ml hair growth products anti hair loss Additional Hair Dense English/Arabic 100% genuine Name: Sunburst Shou Bang Beautifully packaged carton Product including:liquid 50ml*6+ manual Recommend the use: two sets;Shelf life:three years Save: in a cool dry place Introduction SUNBURST hair nourishing liquid is made up of precious herbal medicines according to Chinese ancient formula.It includes ginseng,radix,salviae mikutuirrguzae,abgekuca subebsus and so forth,Tge oridyctuib oricess enploys the recent technology to extract essentials from herbs and adopts an up-graded formula to guarantee superior effectiveness. It contains more than a few trace elements which directly affect on hair growth.These elements penetrate into hair follicles to resume their function of hair growth and activate hari papilla, enabling more follicles to be generated. The product is suitable for a wide variety of hair losses such as postpartum alopecia.alopecia seborrheica,hair losing arising from poor nuritional metabolism,male hormone imbalances(shedding) and balding.It has the effect of oil keep watch over,stopping hair losing,nourish hair and restoring balding. Instructions for use: 1.Open the cap and attach the sprayer on the bottle firmly 2.Target the sprayer to the balding area and spray directly.It may be useddaily morning and evening.Each time apply 3-5 sprays. 3.For the best hair nourishing effect massage gently into scalp after spray.No rinse required. Cautions: 1.External use only.Do not swallow.Not suitable for pregnant women; 2.If you’re not use the product; 3.Avoid or reduce intake of sour,spicy and fatty food. 4.Do not use on broken and infected skin areas. 5.To optimize the effect,apply the product 20 mins after shampoo and do not rinse off within 3 hours. 6.Keep out reach of children. Product Features: Stop balding,protected hair,nourish hair,increase hair density,codition away with dandruff,do away with itchy Size: 50ml*6 Shelf Life:3 years Storage














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