Tahe Marine Reval Composite Sit-In Sea/Touring Kayak, Red/Yellow, 16.08-Feet

Composite sea/touring kayak
Short, stable, and fast; perfect for challenging sea conditions
Features a retractable skeg+rudder and three hatches

The Tahe Marine Reval Mini LC sea/touring kayak was once designed keeping in mind a better volume version than the regular one. Even though it ended up with a large number of similarities to the Reval Mini, it’s still a relatively different kayak. With 2-cm wider hull and more volume, this kayak is without a doubt appropriate for a medium sized paddler, who desires to experience a roomier cockpit house, at the same time as paddling. The LC cockpit with thigh braces supplies a miles more straightforward entry and excellent give a boost to. The hull is designed with rocker and upswept bow and stern for handling tougher sea conditions. The initial stability of the Reval Mini LC is upper than at the regular version providing a safe feeling. The Reval series is for paddlers who desire a British taste kayak. The Reval series kayaks are supplied with a retractable skeg. The kayak measures 16.08 feet by 21.25 inches and has a capacity of 265 pounds. The cockpit measures 28.25 inches by 15.75 inches; front hatch measures 10 inches; rear hatch measures 17 inches by 10.25 inches; day hatch measures 6 inches.
Composite sea/touring kayak
Short, stable, and fast; very best for challenging sea conditions
Includes a retractable skeg+rudder and 3 hatches
Shallow “V” form for quick acceleration and wave-riding talents
Measures 16.08 feet by 21.25 inches; weighs 51 pounds
















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