Wholesale Sea Eagle 420X 14ft Kayak Pro Package Incl Seats Paddles and Pump, [Watercraft, Kayaks]

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Wholesale value – “CALLING ALL ADVENTURERS: – EXPEDITION-RATED KAYAK KNOWS NO FEAR ” Built for Raging Whitewater or Open-Water Wilderness Touring. Are you a real adventurer? If your idea of a super weekend way harrowing treks and journeys that make others blanch, you indisputably qualify. – Explorer Kayaks Can: – Rocket fearlessly down Class IV rapids Traverse miles of wilderness rivers to spend weeks at primitive campsites Fly fish remote trout streams other fishermen cannot get to Carry easily on a small plane to impossibly difficult to understand fishing or camping sites Why are Sea Eagle Explorers the highest collection of Wilderness Adventures? – On-the-fly flexibility: handles wet OR dry conditions with ease What do you do when the placid river you might be kayaking becomes a free-for-all of rapids? – If you are in an extraordinary “dry-best” kayak and not using a drains, you will have to either portage your craft or get in a position to sit down in a few inches of cold water. In a similar way, a not unusual “wet-best” kayak’s permanently open drains let water in, even in dead-calm water. – The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is in a position for wet OR dry conditions with four extra-large, easily convertible drains. – Drains OPEN, the craft bails itself in rough whitewater conditions. – Drains CLOSED, they do not let a drop of water in so you and your cargo stay comfortably dry in calm water. And — worst case — even filled to the gunwales with water, the Explorer Kayak still floats. – Double-Floor Protection – The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is as tough as nails and as rugged because the women and men who make a selection it. Stem to stern, it is constructed of tough 1, 000 denier polyester-supported high-pressure fabric with quadruple-thickness electronic-welded seams. How tough is the Explorer Kayak? In torture trying out, we pounded it mercilessly with the claw of a claw hammer. It had no effect. Neither did stabbing it with a screwdriver. We simply could not penetrate the “crocodile hide” hull. – Subject matter you’ll hit with a hammer Would y
CATEGORY: Watercraft, Kayaks














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