Wholesale Sea Eagle Classic 465FT 15ft Inflatable 3 Person Kayak Pro Incl Paddles + Seat, [Watercraft, Kayaks]

CATEGORY: Watercraft, Kayaks

Wholesale price – Our NEW Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack used to be born to explore large lakes with secluded islands, long meandering rivers, intimate salt marshes with winding water passages, inland bays, hidden ocean coves. The name of the game of this new design is the Outdoor drop stitch keel within the bow and the massive skeg within the stern. These features combine to restrict the “yaw” the sideways movement when the usage of a double end paddle) of this kayak and create unparalleled “bite” at the water. – When the paddler takes a paddle stroke at the left or right side, the drop stitch keel in bow acts as a block against the natural yaw of the kayak at the same time as the skeg helps to keep the kayak tracking forward. This “bite” propels the kayaker forward more efficiently for the reason that natural yaw of the kayak is contained – resulting in greater speed and a straighter course – in other words, the fastest way is the straightest line. – An important feature is the high pressure drop stitch floor. It provides rock solid rigidity to the entire structure of the kayak making it very responsive to paddle strokes. The drop stitch floor even makes this kayak rigid enough for use as a Standup Paddle Board. The Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack Kayak will also be paddled for lots of miles and lots of hours with little effort. It’ll go straight in no matter what direction you need and It’ll hold a course regardless of at what angle you’re paddling in terms of the wind. This new design is in reality a breakthrough within the evolution of inflatable kayaks. – Usual Features: – NMMA Certified 2 High capacity self-bailing drain valves Front & rear spray skirts with storage below and elastic rope lacing for additional storage above Separate inner High Pressure Drop Stitch floor for greater rigidity Large removable skeg at rear to keep an eye on yaw and beef up speed Outdoor drop stitch high pressure keel at bow for true tracking 8 D-rings to safe seats for one or two or three person use Bow and Stern take hold of handles Hull subject material completely resistant to sun
CATEGORY: Watercraft, Kayaks














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