ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band HF Dipole Antenna Flex-Weave

ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band HF Dipole Antenna Flex-Weave
Ni4L Dipole Antenna

ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band Dipole Antenna Unlike the original G5RV that requires an antenna tuner on all bands, the ZS6BKW / G5RV is capable of operating on 10, 12, 17, 20 & 40m bands normally without a tuner, with SWR readings on a regular basis 1.5:1 or less.  The usage of a tuner 6, 15, 30 & 80m bands with much higher efficiency then the original G5RV. The ZS6BKW antenna is an optimized variant of the venerable old G5RV. Constructed with Flex-Weave #14 wire, 450 Ohm Flex ladder line, W2AU LL-TRANSULATOR, Ladder Grabber center conductor. FLEXI 420 OHM LADDER LINE   (40′)  #16 AWG; 19/29 strands Cu-clad with black poly jacket.  Ladder Grabber  (1) Center insulator 450 ohm ladder line ,SS hardware and 2 small end insulators.  Flex-Weave (92′) Machine crimped for permanent connection.  The dipole is constructed The usage of top of the range, FLEX-WEAVE TM is a sophisticated hybrid aerial wire. This flexible wire has also been used for rapid deployment, spool-out, military aerials.   The W2AU LL-TRANSULATOR is the up to date configuration of the very popular W2AU ANsulator. The usage of the same body design, the traditional eye bolt design on the sides have been replaced with Stainless Steel bolts, washers and nut assemblies.  Like our ANsulator it has a built-in lightning arrestor, with a 600 lbs of pull-apart strength in a weatherized, rugged package The usage of only stainless steel hardware. ZS6BKW/ G5RV is completely finished assembled and able to hang. It requires about 92 feet of space and will have to be hung around 40 feet high or higher. It may be hung in a flat top or inverted V configuration. Unlike Windom and OCF Dipoles the ZS6BKW / G5RV is a very forgiving antenna with the consideration of nearby towers, trees, fences & other structures. As with any models of the G5RV antenna, the Optimized version also requires a minimum of 70 feet of 50-52 ohm coax to complete the matching network. Without this 70 foot of coax, the antenna will NOT function accurately.
ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band HF Dipole Antenna Flex-Weave
Ni4L Dipole Antenna














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